Monday, May 27, 2013


And so.... finally, this is it!

Well, isn't it obvious why i am writing about this? Yea...i am married...happy to my heart's content and all that roll...! But that doesn't change one bitter truth.. Marriages are tough! and mine just got tougher coz i moved countries rather continents in less than 15 days of my marriage and here i am ... from India the land of chaos to England...the land of noiseless creepy silence!

My friend says that i am living in a "postcard" and that even if i send a picture, taken from a totally non professional cell camera, it looks so beautiful as if it were a postcard or a painting...which is well *deep breath* true!!!! 

this place is extra ordinarily pretty and i love it that way but hello...this is not my land..not my country...not my people...not my language (well in a way it is but i miss talking in Hindi / Gujarati ) and ugggrrrhhhh SO SO SO SO not my weather...!! So my marriage becomes perfectly difficult... And thanks to being in a new country, Krishna Dasani - Advocate Gujarat High Court, here is jobless!!!!! which is so tough to cuts like a knife...really does!!!

Anyway that's the country bit...but on personal front too, there is so with someone under the same roof and sharing everything you could possibly imagine is not quiet easy... even in hostels and shared apartments, there are many things that aren't to be shared...but here, in a marriage, you gotta share everything..which initially is pretty tough no matter how madly you are in love!

In my case, well, we are both goddamn headstrong and at no cost would give up forget giving in!! And of course we both have our silly mood swings that keep coming on unexpected visits. Actually, its not the big things that bother that much, its the tiny things...those tiny things that irritate you and sometimes make you feel like you wanna jump off the cliff rather than be here....with all this...!!!

But hey....its worth the end of the day when you think of the pros and the cons of it, you are sure in your heart that the pros certainly weigh much much more than those tiny lil things...

When the night falls and I am in his and warm... I know that nothing really is as important as us being that moment, nothing weather, no language, no joblessness, no compromises, no adjustments...nothing...nothing at all...coz at that moment what matters is that I am not alone...


  1. Congratulations first of all for the new journey in life.

    yes life is full of compromises and we females have to do more not because we are weak but in reality because we are Strong and capable and not to forget loving and caring and that at times bearing is the real strength. So be a female love and be loved (that is also important deary).

    As far as writing is concerned you are well polished in this art.

    Best wishes Dear

  2. Thats well put pritiji. Absolutely true what u say abt us females...

    Thanks for the wishes & compliments..

  3. Hey...congrats on getting married..
    Both pictures... PERFECT :)

    I don't really know much about marriages and how they work.. But if in the night you can cuddle up to those warm hugs and be secure.. you just know it's beautiful.. most comforting feel.. aaah good luck..miss advocate..hope England treats you well :)

    1. yes...that's when you know for sure...
      thank you so much for the wishes dear...
      and ya i hope too that England treats the "miss lawyer" well if not me...

  4. Very nicely put Krishna.. Congratulations and best wishes for your journey in life and Literature :)

    1. thank you so much Pretty preeti :)
      Literature i hope is will get better automatically...!

  5. Krishna,i liked the way u weighted the pros and cons and came to a fruitful conclusion, that nothing matters when the person whom you love is with you to ease the pain caused by the other factors. Life is a compromise and marriage is also part of it :) all the best :)

    1. very well said Sunita..about life and marriage!
      thank you for the read and the comment.. :)

  6. Dear Krishna,
    Visited your blog for the first time. Felt your presence! your creativity, your originality and poetic expressions. Highly impressed! Keep it up. - Ramesh uncle.

    1. Dear Uncle,
      Super glad! I am honored you read my blog. Always seeking your blessings & best wishes.

      Krishna AKA poeticsoul :)

  7. Beautifully worded feelings, lucid language, frank expression of views. Only one phrase feels like a piece of stone in tasty pulav - describing India as 'land of chaos'.

  8. Beautifully worded feelings, lucid language, frank expression of views. Only one phrase feels like a piece of stone in tasty pulav - describing India as 'land of chaos'.